Hyla Pollak

VP People Ops
Deep Genomics Inc

Hyla has over 25 years of experience in HR leadership functions: People,
Leadership; Talent Acquisition; Total Rewards; Training and Development.
She started her career at Sony of Canada in their HR department and then, as
she was raising her kids, ran a successful home business selling educational
toys. She built a team of over 500 people across Canada helping the team
succeed in their own toy business as well. She honed her recruiting and training
skills during the 10-year run there and was featured in the book Mom Inc. as a
successful business owner balancing work and parenting.
Hyla joined a small startup, Newtopia, in 2011, as employee number six as the
Director of Sales. When the company hit 20 people with huge growth on the
horizon, she put her HR hat back on and never looked back, helping them grow
to over 150 people in a few years. She helped them earn the Great Place to
Work (R) certification in 2020.

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