Wednesday, April 28, 2021    2:45 p.m. EST

Case Study: Rolling out a Strategic Distributed Workforce Strategy

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As 2020 began, Lambda Legal began to impact its staff through a technology upgrade that allowed for mobile workforces to better impact the business and allowed other employees to take advantage of the WFH policy. However, Covid impacted the business, which impacted Lambda Legal to move to a remote staff and safely bring them back as a distributed workforce. This move not only will reduce the organization's footprint, but will allow employees a choice of working from home or an office. During this case study you will hear:

  • The rollout of the strategic plan 
  • Communication and engagement to all employees
  • Impact on becoming an employer of choice
  • Setting remote working expectations, reviews, and performance KPIs
Mildred I. Perez Lambda Legal
Mildred I. Perez
Director of People and Culture
Lambda Legal
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