Tuesday, April 27, 2021    3:45 p.m. EST

Case Study: Strategy for Developing a Workforce for the Future

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  • Organizing and structuring the initiative
  • Assessing the current workforce and evolving to blended teams through employee input:
    • Capturing feedback through multiple methods (surveys, focus groups, internal think tanks, collaboration sites)
    • Engaging employees who were already working remotely about what changed and how to be better moving forward
    • Connecting the project team early on with IT on future collaboration platforms
  •  Identifying opportunities and risks to ensure high performance
  •  Developing strategies to minimize gaps 
  • Developing solutions that create and sustain a strong workforce 
  • Measuring impact and adapting to changes along the way
Rhea Fix USAble Life
Rhea Fix
Director, Organizational Development
USAble Life
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