Tuesday, April 27, 2021    2:45 p.m. EST

The Future of Work Is Relationships

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For so long we’ve been thinking the future of work is wrapped up in technology, AI, and advanced digital tools. Enter a year with a global health pandemic, increased attention on social justice issues, and a workforce rethinking everything about employment. For so long we have been focused on our employees as resources, creating processes to facilitate their work and enabling technology for the sake of automation. But employees want more, and they deserve more. In this executive session we’ll introduce a completely new way of thinking about the relationship employees have with their work, what it means to them, and what it means to your business. We’ll share our latest research on employee expectations and how to brand, market, and deliver on an employment experience to build and strengthen the relationship your employees have with work.

Tisha Leslie Zillow
Tisha Leslie
Director, Employer Brand
Susan Strayer LaMotte Exaqueo
Susan Strayer LaMotte
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